Private Pilot License (Heli for Students)

FAA Requirements:

  1. Obtain an FAA medical certificate
  2. Pass an FAA written examination
  3. Pass an FAA oral and flight test
  4. Obtain 40 hours of flight time to include 10 hours of solo

Course includes :

  1. 30 hours dual instruction
  2. 10 hours solo practice
  3. 35 hours ground instruction

For more information or to get started training: Call (530) 222-0100 or email us


One Response to Private Pilot License (Heli for Students)

  1. Andrew Lee says:

    I am currently overseas and will probably be back in Northern California in around two weeks. I would like to know when the private helicopter license course begins. How is the job market looking for experienced helo pilots these days?

    Andrew Lee

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