Flag Flights

Snapshot_22What is scheduled to be recorded as the largest American Flag ever towed by an aircraft, had its maiden test flight on May 28, 2014.  It is scheduled to fly again on Flag Day, June 14.

The flag is being flown to support donations for the Northern California Veteran’s Museum. Dave Everson, chief test pilot and President of Air Shasta Rotor and Wing, himself a veteran, flew OH-58’s for the US Army in the early 90s.

Any donation over $5 is greatly appreciated.  However, any donation of $20 or more made while this flag is seen flying, qualifies the donor for a chance to win a free tour flight from Air Shasta in the same helicopter that broke the record.

Target fundraise is $750,000.  You can donate here:


$(enter any amount)

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  1. Nacina Dawn says:

    Thank you for what you do for vets, the museum, and for patriotism. I enjoyed watching you fly the flag and get excited every time. Please place my name in the entries for the helicopter ride. Thank you!
    Love, ~Nacina

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